About Me

Born in Zimbabwe and raised in South Africa, my passion for photography started when I was 12 and was given my first camera.  The beauty of Africa and its wildlife really inspired me and I hold those memories very close to my heart.

My love of food can really be attributed to my mother whose food was simply divine and made with a lot of love and like any great chef, a lot of swearing too! 

I have fond memories of her scrummy marmalade, baklava, coffee & walnut cake, potted prawns, cottage pie, chicken taglietelle and who could forget her oxtail!  Sadly she’s no longer with us but her oxtail recipe lives on – much like me, it’s always the first thing my son asks for when he comes home and I am always happy to oblige!

So my training in Cape Town to be a Cordon Bleu Chef was a natural progression and gave me the opportunity to work around the world, explore new cuisines and places, always with my camera in hand.

I settled in the UK in 1997 and having lost the passion of cooking, I embarked on a career in the travel industry until I was made redundant post 9-11. This proved a blessing in disguise because it was the catalyst that helped me pursue my creative dream of studying photography full time and I’ve not looked back since.

Over the years I’ve put all my energy into my own freelance photography business whilst raising my beautiful son – both have grown from strength to strength and both involve a lot of food!  I obviously still have a huge appreciation for food but now food photography is really what feeds my soul!

Working with Rebecca was nothing short of an absolute pleasure. Not only is she an extremely good photographer, but she also used to be a chef, which meant that when shooting our summer menu, her knowledge was priceless. And on top of that she is a lovely person. The full package in my opinion!

Ben Cain, Director, The Abbey

How I work

Professional photography – be it food and drink photography, interiors or events and staff – is very often a big project which requires teamwork. 

This is where I come in, from the very beginning.  I will always meet the client face to face to establish a rapport and dialogue to get an idea of what the desired outcome of their photography is.  As a creative, I’m very happy to brainstorm ideas and ask questions to help the client come up with a firm brief for me to work to.  Attention to detail is key so if the shoot is a large one then I will ask for the client to be present to oversee things.

When it comes to food and food related events, I feel completely at home. With my past experience working as a chef and even as head chef in some restaurants, I have complete respect and appreciation for owners and staff alike and love nothing more than the opportunity to show off their talents through stunning photography.