Restaurant Launches & Food Event Photography

If you’re hosting a food event, such as a restaurant launch or a special occasion, you’ll want to capture every detail in order to showcase your business in press releases and in your marketing material.

Create a Buzz

I believe the whole point of hosting events is to get your business noticed by creating a buzz and professional photography is one way of ensuring the message is spread far and wide in order to achieve this.   My style of photography does just this – a good mixture of fun posed images with natural and spontaneous ones. 

Blending In

With many years of experience in this field of photography, I believe there are two ways to capture the best images of people. One is to blend into the background as best I can and capture people chatting and laughing naturally, without them knowing I’m there. These always make for the best photos!

Posed But Fun

The great thing about my job is that I get to meet and chat to a lot of people, so my personality lends itself to this kind of work.   I find it easy to join in with the fun and am able to gather people for a few posed yet informal photos, always maintaining a sense of humour with it. Having this fun and easy going way keeps people relaxed and again, you get the best out of them.


Should you have an event coming up, bear in mind that this is an ideal opportunity for me to capture staff in action – during events they are happy, focused and buzzing and therefore more likely to enjoy the novelty of having a photographer in the house. I usually find there is always at least one staff member that loves the camera!

Post Production Edits

The photography of an event is one thing but the real work comes in the editing process after the event.  Events are always fast moving and hectic so I have to work quickly in order to capture a spontaneous moment – alternatively I have to be very patient waiting for the perfect burst of laughter or pouring of cocktails etc.  Often I will take an image knowing exactly how I will crop it later to make sure that image is stunning, rather than average.  In my book, people have to look great in any image that is going to be put online so I work hard to ensure this.  Lighting is often tricky at events and so I spend a lot of time taking the shine off faces or lightening dark shadows under eyes caused by overhead lighting.  It’s fair to say Event Photography is most definitely a specialist skill that requires patience, hard work and a sympathetic eye! 

You can see examples of my work here.

Bex photographed the soft launch of our newly refurbished restaurant. She really captured the essence of our family-run business through her photos, they were absolutely amazing and made us tear up!

George and Sandra Klappas, owners, The Olive Tree