Food & Drink Photography

It is essential, as a food business, to showcase your products to your customers in the best possible way and what better way than through food and drink photography.

Brand Consistency

I’ll help you develop brand consistency across your business, producing beautiful food and drink photography that you can almost taste. Whether it’s on your menu, website or other marketing materials, the use of stunning imagery will help people to understand exactly who you are and the quality of food you are serving.

Career as a Chef

During my 3 year degree, I worked in several different locations in South Africa – country house hotels, wine farm guest houses, private caterers 5 star hotels and finally a beautiful bistro on the beach, with views over the bay of the magnificent Table Mountain!

Head Chef

My decision to travel meant that I also picked up chef work throughout Europe and Australia in restaurants, hotel kitchens and as a private chef in the South of France, Portugal, Austria and shooting lodges in Scotland!   I’ve done everything from pot washing to veg prep, butchery and pastry work and at just 21 years of age, I was hugely successful as a Head Chef of a wine bar in Suffolk.

As a result I am very familiar and comfortable with the workings of a kitchen. I still have a great love of food, only now I prefer to capture the beauty of other chefs’ work rather than create it myself! My time in the kitchens also means that I am familiar with the language of chefs – quite literally!

You can see examples of my work here.

Working with Rebecca was nothing short of an absolute pleasure. Not only is she an extremely good photographer, but she also used to be a chef, which meant that when shooting our summer menu, her knowledge was priceless. And on top of that she is a lovely person. The full package in my opinion!

Ben Cain, Director, The Abbey