Restaurant Interiors Photography

The décor and lighting of a restaurant is what creates the ambience and feel for the type of dining experience you want your customers to have.  It is important to note that poor photographs can do more harm to your business than good.

Allow me, as a professional photographer, to create beautifully engaging images of your restaurant to engage your customers from the start and ensure they visit, stay a while and return often.


The one thing I always appreciate greatly is the amount of detail that usually goes into the décor of a restaurant, which in turn sets the scene for the customer. I notice the style of décor, the lighting, paintings, wallpaper, colours, textures, ornaments, tables & chairs, flowers, cutlery, crockery, glass wear and menus to name but a few.  I appreciate that attention to detail is what gets a restaurant noticed and really enhances the entire dining experience.  

First Impressions

Great professional photography creates a great first impression. People are very visual so when your business is presented in a professional manner, it is very obvious that you’re offering a quality service and your customers will begin to perceive you in the way you intended. Nothing is left to chance.

Online Presence

Beautiful imagery is so powerful that it can stop us in our tracks. We are more likely to read an article or blog post when it is accompanied by a powerful image. We are also more likely to remember the article, what we read and saw.  For this reason, great photography leads to more traffic, which in turn leads to more business.

Giggling Squid

For a few years I have been lucky enough to photograph many of the Giggling Squid Restaurants nationwide.  The owners pride themselves in each restaurant having the personal touch with at least some piece of driftwood art being created at home with their children. The lighting is unique and extraordinary in each restaurant and the artwork and flowers on the walls is just beautiful. I think Harpenden is may favourite of them all, there is actually a huge light fixture that is modelled on a giant squid! Here are some examples of my interior work for the Giggling Squid.

The images I take are used to promote their restaurants both online and in catering industry magazines where they are quickly becoming a leader in their field.

Photography Tells a Story

The one thing I love most about my job is that I get to tell people’s stories through great photographs.  We’ve all heard the phrase “a picture speaks a thousand words”. This is the case in any genre of photography and the food industry is no exception.  So what is your story? Contact me if you like to have a chat about how I can tell your story through my lens.

You can also see examples of my work here.

I can confirm that we all LOVED your pics!!!

Charlotte Singleton, Samphire Communications