Chefs & Front of House Staff Photography

Whilst food photography is the main focus of any food business, one cannot forget the importance of staff as they really are the backbone as well as the face of any food business, so first impressions really do count.

Styles of Portraits

Many people are anxious about having their photo taken so, if this is the case, I find the best solution is to capture candid shots whilst staff are busy working. When people enjoy their jobs, it shows naturally and if they are working they don’t have time to worry about how to pose!  One thing is for sure, I am a very sympathetic photographer and will never release un-flattering images of anyone so have no fear!


Prior to my catering studies I spent a good year working as a waitress and during my time as a trainee chef, I worked in every role from pot washing through to veg prep and all the different levels of chef work.  

The combination of working in the industry together with years of experience photographing people means I know exactly what it feels like on both sides of the camera so will ensure that your staff are portrayed in the best light possible.  

Friendly Personality

I get huge enjoyment out of portrait photography because I’ve always loved being around people and enjoy meeting new people. I have a naturally friendly personality, which usually puts everyone at ease, so no need to be nervous around me and remember that Photoshop is your friend!

Staff and Events

Should you have an event coming up, bear in mind that this is an ideal opportunity for me to capture staff in action – usually these events are fun, staff are focused and buzzing and more likely to enjoy the novelty of having a photographer in the house. I usually find there is always at least one staff member that loves the camera!

You can also see examples of my work here.

The images look great! Lovely to have so many good ones to choose from. Thank you!

Anne Kibel, Nadiya Hussein's Agent